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Phygital NFTs are NFTs with physical components for collectors who delight in collecting physical editions representative of their favorite NFTs

Colors and textures, for me, define a mood that I’m reaching for or want to settle into—or that feel such that I want to promote. Colors and textures hold and define the comfort and intimacy of a space. Shapes and lines, their fluidity and spaciousness create, for me, an atmosphere. From my happy cozy energized place, I’m holding a comfy cozy intimate fun space for you to join us in all your color with all your textures.
Come as you are.

— Maxximillian

about moto popz

MOTO POPZ are abstract hand-drawn illustrations minted as 1/1 ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

MOTO POPZ holders have an opportunity to be a part of a colorful uplifting community of creative blockchain innovators buildling the world as we envision it and cultivating the lives we wish to lead by participating in MOTO POPZ community activations during our favorite conferences and early access to MOTO POPZ projects and opportunities.

about animal frenz

ANIMAL FRENZ are abstract animals that emerge from within the MOTO POPZ NFT Collection during live drawing sessions. Humanoid figures also appear, they are hilariously included in MOTO POPZ main collection, and not ANIMAL FRENZ although we humans really are just fancy animals.

Secret Signature

MOTO POPZ NFTs each have an artistic signature that only the collector sees.

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" When I gravitate toward colors and textures and shapes I like, I observe I often find the people around me appreciating the same appealing and interesting too. "

— Maxximillian, MOTO POPZ Creator, Web3 Enthusiast, and Blockchain Game Designer