A Welcome Message from MaxximillianMother Lode, Founder & CVO

Hello, Awesome Human. My name is Maxximillian. I am the founder of this innovative artist studio Mother Lode: Art gallery, content production studio, and both literary and music publishing companies. On Mother Lode blog you’ll find humorous life lessons wrapped in music to uplift your spirits and keep them high, conversations that put you right at the center, and rave reviews when I find something good that you, too, can benefit from on your own artist, human or entrepreneurial journey.

About Mother Lode

Art Studio • Music Publishing • Digital + Printed Media • Scripted Entertainment Production

Mother Lode is an independent artist-run production studio specializing in the creation, production and distribution of visual art, performance art and scripted entertainment—as well as the daily content we produce to keep ourselves and our audiences inspired and at the leading edge of creativity.

We love to share what we find works in our creative processes.

At Mother Lode we have come to know that:

• Happiness is more of a never-ending journey than a destination.
• There is abundance of everything for all; our challenge now is to better manage our great abundance.
• Animals are friends, not food.
• Love is love.
• We can disagree with others without being angry with them about their opinions.
• Humor is best when we start with ourselves.
• YouTube comments can be a place of infinite wisdom when the audience is wise.

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