Behind The Inspiration: Derivative vs Original

Maxximillian.eth is a visionary artist-hacker, a musical creative force, and a trailblazing founder who’s carving a new path for digital art and fashion experiences. With a passion for exploring the intersections of art, technology, and finance, Maxximillian is using her unique skill set to foster cryptocurrency, metaverse, and web3 adoption and literacy through her work in art and media. As a woman pushing boundaries in a male-dominated industry, Maxximillian is breaking down barriers and challenging preconceived notions of what it means to be a digital artist. Through her work she explores inter dimensional weave of the non physical and its manifestations in the human experience by incorporating cutting-edge AR technology and music to create experiences that are both visually stunning, spiritually impactful and intellectually engaging.

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Tokenized Art

These works are available as non fungible tokens which give the holders the right to sell and trade these artworks on the global market.

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Surreal Ambiance Collection

A derivative artwork is a piece of art that is inspired by or based on another artwork or artistic style. It is a term used to describe artwork that borrows heavily from the work of another artist or style, without necessarily adding any significant new elements or ideas.

Derivative artworks can take many forms, including paintings, sculptures, photographs, and digital media. They may incorporate elements such as color schemes, composition, or subject matter from the original work, and may be created using similar techniques or materials.

While derivative artworks may be criticized for lacking originality, they can also be seen as a form of homage or tribute to the original artist or style. Some derivative works may also be intended to explore or reinterpret the original work in a new context or with a different perspective.

It was my own artistically indulgent endeavor to explore my own creativity in re-imagining, incorporating and transforming my own original elements into something new and compelling—a derivative of one of my own works of art.