Celebrating 420 With Koda The Doggo Model

Today 4/20 Koda Celebrates her 4th Birthday!

TODAY AT NOON PACIFIC TIME FOR ONE HOUR you are invited to join us in a beautiful nature reserve in the metaverse. Yes, you can bring your dog. We’ll be talking with our friends Koda the modeling doggo and her bestie, Photographer Dean Wenick today at noon Pacific time.

In addition to his photographic talents, Dean Wenick is a Web3 Founder, NFT Creator and Founder of Copper Seed Safe (@copperseedsafe on Twitter).

Dean will be introducing us to Koda Cards and we’ll discuss his eerily timely public works art project that he has been working on with great tenderness. When he showed me, I could hardly wait to show you. It’s so fascinating! 

420 is a special day for us both. For me because I appreciate and celebrate the holiday but also – 420 is Dean’s best friend’s birthday – his dog Koda‘s birthday! Koda is the star of Dean’s most irresistible NFT collection: Koda Cards. Surely a sweeter more meaningful day to meet Dean and Koda and collect a Koda card won’t come around until next year.

Let me also mention there’s a treasure hunt POAP you can only claim with a visit to the metaverse. I promise it’s fun getting and worthwhile having.

Join me live at noon on Instagram where we’ll meet and greet Dean before heading into the metaverse and if you have access to a desktop – you are invited to join us in the XXIMI WEB3 Art Labs Nature Reserve—a relaxing green metaverse—for a deeper look at Dean’s public works art project that is absolutely fascinating.


To join us there, you’ll need Google Chrome, a laptop/desktop computer, a good internet connection. Enable your camera and microphone so you can be seen and heard and join us. We’ll be there today 4/20 around 12:15pm Pacific time. But feel free to show up whenever you like. We’ll leave the green out for you.

Tell your people!

I would appreciate it – and if you’re available to come visit us in the metaverse and talk with us or just explore and look around, that would be even better. However this recorded session will be edited and the highlights shared.

Happy 420! 

And happy birthday to Koda!