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Imagine Impact Program Now Open & Receiving Applications

Guess what?

It’s that time of year again!

The Impact program founded by Brian Grazer and Ron Howard is open and now receiving applications. To apply for the Impact program, and to be notified about more forthcoming Imagine Impact opportunities, subscribe to the Imagine Impact newsletter here.

Impact program highlights

  • During the Impact program, around 20 selected Creators are paired with a Shaper – a best in class screenwriters and showrunners – to take their projects from the idea stage to a fully-realized screen or series story.
  • Each Creator or Creative Team will be paid weekly for living expenses (up to $40,000) to make it possible for them to focus singularly on delivering their project in its most polished form.
  • Impact Creators retain full creative control and ownership of their projects.

The Impact program is now accepting entries.

Nota Bene: If you haven’t already applied, get started on your application today. The Impact application process requires and is deserving of the highest level of thoughtfulness and will require a generous investment of focused thinking, composing, revising, proofreading and editing time to complete to your satisfaction.


Your application process can inspire and delight you if you are not pressed for time. Take full advantage of the positive self-development experience the interview portion of the application offers by leaving yourself enough time to fully absorb yourself in this process in an easy relaxed manner. Your illuminating concise answers are your keys to entry. Allow yourself enough time to polish your entry answers to a brilliant shine.


If you’ve been attending my online screenwriter mastermind sessions, you may remember the helpful conversation and tips honorable club member screenwriter Marcella Guerrico (Life Times, The Sex Strike) brought to our screenwriters roundtable emphasizing the importance of being prepared with the supplementary text/documents that accompany our scripts ahead of time to streamline the application process, simultaneously putting ourselves in the best light with application answers that are as masterfully crafted and as meticulously edited as our scripts.

If you’re writing screenplays and would like to write your best screenplays faster—here’s a link to learn more.

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