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Wizard Society hodls space for meaningful connections and
sharing in a supportive creator-positive environment
for wizards by wizards.

Lyric Composition For Wizards
With Maxximillian is now in session.
Raise a feather.

What To Expect

In fifteen minutes Maxximillian
will share a spell you can cast upon yourself
to open wider the gate to your own best lyrics.

During Lyrical Composition For Wizards With Maxximillian

Let your cloak flow in the wizardly wind and
absorb Maxximillian’s inalienable Lyrical charm
to employ at your whim.

Compose your best lyrics faster,
resulting in lyrics with heightened complexity,
more delight, and greater ease.

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In the first session we cast

Lux sine oculis!

We now we have got a first draft of some lyrics to work with—the first draft is always magic but there’s more enchanting to do before these lyrics are at the final level of wizardry.


In this session of Lyric Composition For Wizards With Maxximillian
we Divine The Sugar From The Salt.


Lyric Composition For Wizards 2: Let The Messenger Speak is for wizards who dare to explore composing on the fly, re-igniting an extinguished song, or exploring a yet unfinished piece. All wizards welcomed.