Now I’m going to ask you to use your imagination…
Imagine an art collector who could travel anywhere without ever worrying about packing a suitcase. Imagine that this collector is also an avid art lover, and every time she moves to a new home, she can take her favorite collection of paintings with her. imagine that the paintings are stored in the cloud, but they’re not just pictures—they’re live, interactive paintings that the collector can use to decorate a living room or design a fantasy virtual world. This isn’t the fantasy of a tech-addicted futurist; it’s the product of an emerging movement called non-fungible tokens (NFTs), or crypto-collectibles. In short, NFTs are digital objects that hold value, like any cryptocurrency token. But unlike traditional crypto collectibles, NFTs are unique—there are only one or a few copies of each NFT in existence at any given time. That makes them more like coveted works of art than most digital tokens. And increasingly, NFTs have begun to find their way into the mainstream art world.

A portion of proceeds from NFT Art Collections by Maxximillian are contributed to the Wizard Society Web3 Artist Guild.

Dream Gate NFT X Maxximillian.eth

House of Time NFT by Maxximillian.eth minted on Maxximillian's sovereign smart contract

“Meadow Behind The House of Time” is a timeless multidimensional art piece brought from my dreams into this dimension of awake life—the first NFT art piece minted on my $XXIMI token, a cryptocurrency I minted on the Ethereum blockchain, and it’s the kind of modern art that you can’t hang on your wall.


The artwork will debut in the XXIMI Web3 Art Labs Nature Reserve, a relaxing spatial virtual reality experience in the Metaverse hosted by NOWHERE our sponsor. The suite will be available to holders of the XXIMI POAP as a place to rest, elevate focus with quiet co-working time, or glide off into the tree to discuss favorite cryptocurrencies with other blockchain enthusiasts where the spatial audio gives you relative privacy from others in the space.


From the Dream Places NFT Collection, “En Route to the House of Time” NFT by Maxximillian.eth minted on Maxximillian’s sovereign $XXIMI token

The intrinsic utility of this artwork is the audio visual description of the dream places, various dreamscapes, dreamscape characters, and enhanced dream recall of heightened experiences which, once re-introduced become your portals to these shared Dream Places, offering $XXIMI Collectors the highest value by cryptographically expressing my insights from these shared Dream Places on my own sovereign smart contract.


NFTs in the Dream Places NFT Collection by Maxximillian.eth can be “collected” by for $APE $CRO #DAI $ETH $NEAR $SOL or $USDT minted on Maxximillian’s $XXIMI smart contract. This triggers an airdrop of $XXIMI tokens to all of Maxximillian’s Dream Places token holders.