BUIDLing Our Web3 NFT Marketplace For Sovereign NFT Artists

Artists minting NFTs on our own sovereign smart contracts are fast becoming the standard in high value NFTs but without our own sovereign front-facing storefront, we are still suckling the Web2 titty. In short, it matters because if a platform that we don’t personally own is where our livelihood comes from, and we don’t control any platform which we don’t own—for all our decentralized efforts—we are not truly decentralized.

Why do you say that, Maxximillian? I discovered that when we ‘lazy mint’ our Ethereum NFTs on OpenSea or any marketplace that allows ‘lazy minting’ on a default smart contract we actually are not putting our items on the Ethereum blockchain leaving behind this cool legacy. I’ll paraphrase here for clarity, ‘lazy minting’ is akin to storing all the metadata and the corresponding smart contract ID for the ‘lazy minted’ NFT as like a trait in OpenSea’s Collection the NFT doesn’t actually live on the blockchain with my artist name on it, that is to say: I’m not looking rare like this. This is why when I head over to LooksRare or want to use one of my Ethereum NFTs as a token gate for an event, I have as options only those NFTs that are actually minted on the Ethereum blockchain using my own custom smart contract; my ‘lazy minted’ Ethereum NFTs are not visible under my own collection—because they are not actually on the Ethereum blockchain represented by a smart contract that originates with me. LooksRare pulls data from the Ethereum blockchain only (at the time I’m writing this). What’s more, I discovered that some token gates do not recognize OpenSea’s smart contract. Put that in your wand and wave it around. Yeah, you know what time it is; it’s time for us to make our own magic now.

It Happened In Twitter Spaces

" As it happened, I unexpectedly had the opportunity to speak up and share about one of the projects I've been somewhat secretly BUIDLing. I bet you can guess what it is... Big shout out to @OpenDAO for generously offering to discuss supporting these efforts with a hackathon. And a special thank you to @relliK_BooN for offering support. I hope to have some news on what we come up with soon. @CryptoDynoZ and @leaplottery raised hands and lit the mic up with their shares and good ideas, thank you. Also hot like fire, thank you to @Bleu.eth for sharing her helpful insights—she and I seem to be of the same mind on the importance of all NFT artists having our own websites self-hosted on the blockchain. We'll be holding Twitter Spaces together in the coming week(s) to support and encourage each other as we grow. Shout out to two #Web3Women OGs @fayechou and @Jenarmand1, NFT pioneers who it made my heart smile to see when I entered this groundbreaking Twitter Spaces session—the catalyst to much good to come. Definitely give these amazing humans a follow. "

— Maxximillian.eth, Web3 Innovator-NFT Artist, Founder

Web3 Solutions For Sovereign NFT Artists

Speaking for myself, an artist first, I’m a developer out of passion to provide my art with the best infrastructure for it to live on without me that it may make it into the hands of the Collectors who it’s truly for. It takes no time to imagine all the art that’s been lost in time. Think now of our beloved artists whose works came to be appreciated most highly long after the artist’s life. And they were working in stone! For the digital artist, the lifeline is even more tenuous. If OpenSea were acquired tomorrow by a company who decided to shut it down, and Instagram changed to a live video only messenger, where would your art be? It seems unlikely, but these things or something like it could happen. Or a company that you’ve been hosting all your NFTs on could suddenly change their smart contract to something that doesn’t suit you or that they’ll only allow your listings to last for 1 month and you’ll have to re-list each NFT after 1 month if it isn’t collected. Oh wait… that did just happen. Oop…! This is my why. The best solution I see at present and for the foreseeable future is for each artist to cultivate their own sovereign NFT marketplace deploying their own sovereign smart contract(s).

Additional authentication triggered by suspicious transfers

Straight transfers, sales below the collection floor and other flags for phishing attacks trigger additional confirmations from the seller before completing the transaction. We believe this will decrease the number of successful attacks.

Human readable front-facing transaction signature requests

"You are about to transfer BORED APE #777 to StrangerDanger.eth for 0 Ethereum. This is 400 Ethereum below floor. Are you crazy? Probably you shouldn't do this." Even if that's not the exact language we'll use for the messaging template, you get the idea. We need to understand exactly what what we are allowing when we sign each transaction. Right now, the user experience for MetaMask signature requests, for example, could be greatly improved to help users understand what we are signing by integrating a front-facing language that someone without special knowledge of blockchain can easily understand.


Above all self-education is the number one prevention method of getting scammed. At present, there are attacks against which we can do nothing, but most of the successful scams I've seen involve actions that the User is taking that ultimately put themselves at risk for theft and other attacks. The use of this new platform we are building comes with strings, I say: education. My idea is to have a series of short learn-to-earn videos that users will need to complete before gaining access to their own sovereign marketplace. Ultimately, we each with a castle need magic strong enough to maintain it and protect its inhabitants to be the best denizens in this new world we're cultivating.

Micro Action

Join us in cultivating the world we want to see in our lifetime

Change is inevitable because we are the change we want to see. Everyone isn’t a coder (although almost anyone could be) but we each have skillsets, talents, and insights that add value to any worthwhile project. If you would like an active role in this project, you’re early enough to stake your claim. Ultimately, this project is for the community but it’s being cultivated by individuals. If you feel called, please join us. You can figure out where you fit in as we go along if you don’t know today. Going forward, I’ll be sharing project updates on Telegram. Join us there if you’d like to stay in the loop.

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