“Thē Uplifter” Prosperity Sigil

Minted by @maxximillian on @opensea


Thē Benediction
Uplifting individuals publicly and privately.
Thē Uplifter’s benevolent gifts nourish the community.

Celebrate yourself and honor your peers, colleagues, friends and family on the blockchain with a sigil to commemorate the spirit of “Thē Uplifter”.

Prosperity Sigils are digital audio visual sometimes musical NFTs.

Each NFT is individually created and offered exclusively on the Ethereum blockchain on OpenSea.io.

Maxximillian X Prosperity Sigils and Auspices of Prosperity NFT metadata is stored on IFPS.

Ownership of a Prosperity Sigil entitles its holdler to limited edition airdrops, exclusive virtual metaverse and in-person events, limited edition merchandise and surprise NFT airdrops are just a few of the benefits of having a Maxximillian Prosperity Sigil in your wallet. Artist wealth-building events are on the horizon that you won’t want to miss.

88888 Prosperity X Maxximillian is a collection of NFT‘s illustrating and celebrating the auspices of prosperity with meaningful scenes from a prosperous life. Auspicious touchstones transcend culture and any may recognize in these re-creations the comfort of the familiar, otherwise make their own these expectations. 

Prosperity is itself an auspicious lifestyle touchstone that greets us on our infinite journey toward self-actualization again and again. 

We know we are experiencing prosperity when we consistently manifest desirable realities with ease and great interest as life unfolds to our greatest satisfaction. 

Wizard Tip: If you wanted to, you could say and write this as your daily affirmation.

“I consistently manifest desirable realities with ease and great interest as life unfolds to my greatest satisfaction.”


88888 Prosperity X Maxximillian NFTs are Original Content, individually created works of audio visual art channeled and re-created by Maxximillian.

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