Maxximillian.eth is a visionary artist-hacker, a performing artist and storyteller who’s carving a new path for digital art, fashion and entertainment experiences. Through her work she explores the inter dimensional weave of the non physical and its manifestations in the human experience by incorporating cutting-edge AR technology and music to create experiences that are visually stunning, spiritually impactful and intellectually engaging.

The Visceral Glitch is the alter ego of Daniel Kramer, a digital video artist living in Brooklyn.  He has been creating glitch art on his phone since 2018.  What started as a daily design discipline for Instagram, has turned into a vehicle to sell art via NFTs, galleries, and art fairs.  As you view these singularly visceral creations, he hopes that they both disrupt your comfort zone and stimulate your mind.


When The Visceral Glitch and Maxximillian create together, they create as The 5D.

Introducing the glitchtastic collection of audio visual art: Aurum Daybreak, from the multidisciplinary artist duo—the visionary artist-hacker and storyteller Maxximillian.eth, and the digital video artist and glitch art creator, The Visceral Glitch—two artists collaborating where art and technology converge to create a fun and captivating experience for collectors. The Aurum Daybreak collection is their genesis drop.

The glitchtastic collection begins at an accessible .0108 Ethers offering most collectors the opportunity to own a piece of this visionary art entry at a price easily afforded. Make no mistake, you want them all. The NiftyKit drop available now at .0108 Ethers for 24 hours before opening to Public Sale at .0222, providing an easy on-ramp to what’s sure to be a favorite collection of artility.

Each piece in the collection showcases the seamless integration of art, photography, and glitch art, with music serving as the perfect accompaniment to create an all-encompassing sensory experience. The collection features music composed, performed and produced by Maxximillian. Photography from Maxximillian’s mountain wilderness photography adventures lend their spacious views. Completing Maxximillian’s contribution to Aurum Daybreak: artworks from her forthcoming collection of fantastic motors—the iconic Zeurudi Aerocharger makes an appearance in VaporBreak and appears courtesy of Futurist Motor Club—bringing the thrill of the solar futuristic open road and its surreal views stuttering to life.

As a guide for collectors, holders of The Museum of Robot Art tokens as well as people who attended NiftyKit Twitter Spaces or sent direct messages to the artists requesting inclusion via pass phrase are on the allow list and can mint now for .0108. Don’t miss this opportunity to add a piece of visionary glitch art from our artistic duo. Add The 5D to your portfolio with this sophisticated collection where glitch meets photography, digital art and music—we call it Aurum Daybreak.

Maxximillian.eth on one of many mountain photography ventures.

A few words on the glitch from The Visceral Glitch

”Maxxmillian provided me couple of pieces to glitch up. One of her beautiful cars and a nature shot of desert mountains. My task was to take these images and create a new and unseen world. I started with the mountain, but the mountain didn’t want to move.  With only one option left, I had to glitch up with car.  I slammed pixels across the screen, pumped colors to the extreme, and eventually I broke the car.   Now we got something. I layered the mountain on top and new textures emerged as a beautiful digital decay emerged on the screen.”

A few words on the art, music, and photography from Maxximillian


“DAWN.” The track features a mesmerizing beat that will have listeners hooked from the first few seconds. The bass is heavy and pulsating, creating an undulating ASMR experience for fans. I drew inspiration from the trap genre to create a sound that is both unique and familiar. It’s a track that will have you hitting replay again and again.

Photography. Taken in the stunning desert mountains at the break of dawn, capturing the natural beauty of the world. The stunning view complements the concept of my latest art piece, Thē Zeurudi Aerocharger. This futuristic vehicle, courtesy of Futurist Motor Club, is a gleaming gold coupe that might be part rocketship. It combines sleek design with fantastical convenience technology to create a vehicle that is as whimsical as it is beautiful. The photograph from my desert mountain adventure and the Zeurudi Aerocharger together with the ever-present sky perfectly capture the spirit of “DAWN,” representing the start of a new moment and a fresh combination of possibilities.

Futurist Motor Club represents a lifestyle that transcends driving and celebrates the discovery of surreal views, exquisite moments of quality, unexpected whimsy and the wisdom to know that we are here to enjoy all of this. Futurist Motor Club inspires members to be in constant companionship with the beauty and wonder of the world.

All it took was a few moments savoring the thought of me and The Visceral Glitch creating together to know that a fast flying car, the open road, clear skies, and mountain views would give us all the space we wanted to whoop, stomp around and dance. Once I saw the glitch come together, I knew exactly what the music should do.

Behind the music of the Aurum Daybreak collection with Artist-Composer, Maxximillian taking a closer look at the music of the latest piece in the Aurum Daybreak glitch collection—VaporBreak

With Aurum Daybreak, the two artists have created something truly unique and otherworldly. Collectors can be a part of this collaboration by taking part in the upcoming public sale, or by securing their own piece during the presale. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own a piece of glitch art history.

Behind the scenes with Maxximillian.eth in Davinci Resolve during post-production on VaporBreak NFT in the Aurum Daybreak collection for The 5D

Glitch art is a contemporary art form that involves intentionally creating or manipulating errors, bugs, and glitches in digital media to create aesthetic effects. It often involves the deliberate corruption of data, such as image files or sound recordings, to create unique and unexpected results.

Glitch art is characterized by its emphasis on the imperfections and flaws that arise from the use of digital technology, and the idea that these imperfections can be seen as a form of beauty. It often involves the use of software tools or custom scripts to manipulate digital files in various ways, including altering their code, changing their file formats, or introducing noise and distortion.

Glitch art can be found in a variety of contexts, including music videos, art installations, and online galleries. Some glitch artists also incorporate other mediums, such as painting or sculpture, into their work. Glitch art has been influenced by a variety of artistic movements, including Dadaism, Surrealism, and Pop Art, and is considered by many to be part of the broader tradition of experimental art.

Hats off to the talented artists working in the field of glitch art today, pushing the boundaries of what is possible with digital technology and exploring the complex relationship between humans and machines.

For friends new ot it, Glitch art is a cutting-edge art form that combines elements of art, photography, and digital manipulation to create stunning and thought-provoking visual works. At its essence, glitch art celebrates the beauty of imperfection and the unexpected results that can arise from technological errors and glitches.

Through the work, glitch art explores a wide range of themes and concepts, from issues of digital identity and obsolescence to questions of privacy, surveillance, and machine intelligence. Glitch art may make use use a variety of tools and techniques, including code manipulation, specialized software, and data corruption.

In addition to visual creations,

glitch art may incorporate music into the works, using soundscapes and other audio elements to further enhance the immersive experience of the art. Together, these elements combine to create a unique and powerful artistic experience that challenges our perceptions of technology and the world around us.

Vaporwave represents a unique and powerful artistic movement that continues to inspire and challenge artists and audiences alike

Behind the scenes with Maxximillian.eth as she scores VaporBreak in Presonus Studio One 6.
Behind the scenes with Maxximillian.eth as she scores VaporBreak in Presonus Studio One 6.

Vaporwave is an art and music movement that emerged in the early 2010s,

initially as a subgenre of electronic music. It is characterized by its use of 80s and 90s commercial and pop culture imagery, often with a nostalgic and ironic twist, combined with heavily synthesized and manipulated soundscapes.

Vaporwave art is often created using digital tools and techniques, and frequently incorporates elements of glitch art and digital manipulation. The aesthetic is heavily influenced by Japanese and other East Asian culture, as well as retrofuturism and consumerism.

The movement has been described as a response to the rapid pace of technological change and the resulting sense of nostalgia for a simpler, more innocent time. It is also seen as a critique of consumer culture and the homogenization of society, with its use of commercial imagery and references to mass-produced consumer goods.

Vaporwave has influenced a wide range of artistic and cultural movements, from fashion and design to visual art and video games. It has also been the subject of academic study and critical analysis, with some scholars interpreting it as a form of postmodern commentary on the intersection of technology, culture, and identity.


Aurum Daybreak: VaporBreak

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Aurum Daybreak

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