“Eye See You” | Abstract Art


“Eye See You” | Conceptual Art. Completed in 2020.

Exploring themes of sensuality, rebirth and creation through the patterns of the mandala, visual artist Maxximillian Victorious brings forth this contemporary abstract art series to bring an element of unity, love, and finding-one’s-place-ness into your intimate home and work environments.

  • 55″W x 55″H
  • Ready to hang


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“Eye See You” | Conceptual Art

"Eye See You" | Contemporary Art completed in 2020. Maximum vibe, minimal lines, evocative of the sun, your eye, and the human auric framework. Exceptionally rich color, a generous size. Itself a welcoming presence.

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Each artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity and corresponding holographic security labels specific to that individual artwork attached to the back of the art in a specific position. To further discourage forgeries, in addition to low resolution images of the artworks,  slight variations appear on the artwork displayed on this website that while unnoticeable to the viewer, differ from the original piece making forgeries easy to identify (and prosecute). And yes, I do. I take people stealing my artwork seriously. Forgeries of Maxximillian Victorious art is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Mother Lode takes copyright ownership seriously to protect the integrity of art everywhere.



The canvas is mounted over 2.5 inch thick (depth) stretcher bars, the image wraps on the sides with a fraction of an inch around the back. In almost all cases these are hung without a frame.

Professional Taped Backing & Wire Hanger

For a truly refined look, a canvas-like matte tape is carefully applied to the back, hiding the staples. Because no backing is applied the canvas has the ability to breathe making it resistant to accumulating mold and mildew. This option is ideal in situations in which you might be placing the canvas print on an easel or made available where the back can be viewed. A wire hanger is installed on the back approximately 2/3 of the way up from the bottom of the canvas. A picture hanger wall hook is included which allows you to easily hang your canvas on most dry walls. Two may be included for very large canvas prints.

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