Lest We Forget: Web2 doesn’t owe us anything.


Our own sovereign tokens on the Blockchain with my name on it—it’s a worthwhile endeavor in itself since it is such a nice flex from the afterlife but there are other even more pressing reasons to deploying my own custom smart contract—my custom smart contract is sovereign, controlled by me.

Stay Tuned: I roll up my wizard sleeves and get into the details of it here.

TL;DR The most widely known and used NFT marketplaces are Web2 and can disappear at any moment along with the countless hours and copy and art that was minted there. Lazy minting doesn’t actually put our NFTs on the blockchain; it does something more like make a bookmark for the lazy mints.

To see what what I’m talking about in action, take a trip over to looksrare.org, the new NFT trading platform (Yes, it’s still Web2… See?) But anyway, looksrare.org exclusively pulls metadata from the Ethereum blockchain.

If you are an artist who has lazy minted Ethereum NFTs on a marketplace like OpenSea.io, I invite you to explore this right now to see what I’m talking about.

Put your own ETH wallet address in and search. See how perhaps some of your NFTs don’t show up? The only items that are available for sale must already exist on the Ethereum blockchain.

I enjoyed very much my first look around.

Not financial advice but take a look at their tokenomics.

Why sovereign NFT artist custom smart contracts matter for:

  • NFT Artists
  • NFT Collectors
  • NFT Traders


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