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MIAMI, 1-6 Jun–, the world’s largest and fastest growing NFT community, announces its first pop-up exhibition this June in Miami. The nonprofit foundation will host six physical events, showcasing digital works from 116 international artists, including the Musical Light Beings works by Maxximillian.


Special experiences such as an NFT treasure hunt in the Wynwood District and a Vernissage dinner to celebrate the launch of the Collectors Club are also planned for the week.


In addition to a curated presentation of digital artwork, guests can expect “crypto cocktails,” exclusive AR gallery exhibits, an NFT pool party, limited edition NFT giveaways, and digital swag bags.

The main theme of this inaugural exhibition is Out of the Darkness, into the Light, a visual representation of society’s journey out of the global coronavirus pandemic.

Adventure Backstory
how this all began

As many great adventures and love affairs do, it began one night with an incoming text from someone who I had not heard from in a long time… inviting me to Clubhouse.

I didn’t even wait five minutes to download and open the Clubhouse app. I filled out my profile including my interests—that’s important—and went into the Clubhouse Hallway.

From the Hallway, the first room I entered was an NFT Art topic room. I had never heard of an NFT with regard to art before. I had heard of non fungible tokens and understood the concept but the applications of non fungible tokens outside of data security had not been mentioned in my company. Now here I am, in the Clubhouse Hallway with my love for money and my love of art and my torrid ongoing romance with leading edge technology—and here are artists talking about cryptocurrency! I couldn’t tap the icon on my screen fast enough!

The first thing I did was look around. The name of the host, the person who’s room it was: Eddie Gangland. I looked around at other people in the room: Art-Jedi, Jenergizer, Diverse The Female Beatmaker… there were probably over 100 people in the room but these were the names that stood out to me. I saw these names and their profiles and said to myself, “Oh. A room full of bad asses.”

So I settled in.

I listened as Eddie and his friends shared helpful tips and answered questions from new artists FOR HOURS. Eddie’s passion was palpable – and when I saw his art! I screamed! I screamed because I love it! But also because I realized that the art of Eddie Gangland is the latest key to a dream that has been haunting me for years.

The saga continues…


NFTsTips is where to dial yourself in. All my faves and I are here. And we have all the cookies.


My Acceptance Letter into the Artist Pool!


My Miami 2021 Exhibition Welcome Letter!

Yes! We are doing it live and in the flesh. Register for the Miami events at



Maxximillian’s Adventures In Cryptoland,
serialized NFT art
Available on Hic Et Nunc

The Real: Educate Yourself With Experience

The best way to learn about NFTs, whether you’re an Artist or a Collector, is to get some skin in the game.

If you are an artist of any kind I strongly encourage you to take the first step and educate yourself alongside a minting date by which you’ll mint your first NFT. There is no reason you can’t learn and mint. This NFT art form and all of its applications are so far reaching and limitless that you will literally never know it all. So you may as well jump in.

It’s not about rushing to mint but this is definitely a learn as you go mission. There could be a tendency in NFTland to try to learn everything before minting anything; tragic and unnecessary.

You may make mistakes, and that is OK because we find the best solutions as a community; we are learning together and any mistakes that you make will help the next person along. I have joined the lovely community; they are innovative and so warmly welcoming and so on top of things. Join us.

The Fake (The Hype)

Despite whatever you may hear from ignorant naysayers and oversimplifiers who got zero skin in the game—like television, films, and rap music, NFTs are here to stay, likely as long as we are.

To the naysayers who are snobbishly—yeah, I said it!—discussing the validity of the NFT art form:

Do you realize there are people who still collect vinyl? Why are we still fascinated by ancient art chiseled into cave walls?!

Because this is art, Naysayers! We are art lovers, Oversimplifiers! We are people who collect what we love because we fucking love it. We pay people money who make things to delight us because we love the way it makes us feel. And because we fucking can.

Why the culture of NFT art is special is that we have removed the middleman. There is no gallery curator, no Spotify algorithm, no iTunes ranking, no Network rating between you and the artist curating what you are allowed to experience. Every artist and their work is available for you to see at the moment the work is made available. There is no algorithm on Hic Et Nunc that puts the popular gal first. Everybody shoots their shot. If you are looking at the page at the moment the work is minted. YOU have caught the first glimpse of the newest artwork on the blockchain.

To art people—Creators and Collectors alike— that is exciting as fuck.

We see, we like, we buy, we share; again and again. It looks like a trend. But it’s People who set the trend, look at the people. We like these NFTs and they’re on the blockchain so the question of Trendiness answers itself.

NFT Art is on the Blockchain. The Blockchain is built to last forever (Yes, forever-ever.).

See, blockchain can be fun and useful! NFT Art is a way for investors in cryptocurrency to park their currency. Each Art NFT is like a filled piggy bank that the NFT Art Collector can employ to hold a portion of their wealth, meanwhile also enjoy as Art while actively supporting artistic and financial communities at an international level.

Many of us NFT Artists are making contracts that benefit charities and non profits to fund real-time philanthropic projects that benefit people and our planet.

This is much bigger than just making and collecting Art. It’s that and then some.

Just look at this, and THIS, and this. I could go on and on. NFTs can be coded to be dynamic and can even incorporate music or storytelling or both.

We can’t help it – being trendy—peep though: something Trending describes metrics, not usefulness or importance. NFT Art is both useful and important.

Was radio a trend? Film? Television?

No. These are platforms and art forms that will continue to provide value so long as we continue to reach for them.

But what about Laserdiscs? CDs? DVDs?

Those weren’t fads. We’ve made progress in data storage, and formats continue to evolve, making the previous go-to obsolete until the files sizes are so small we can swallow the entire saga of Fast And Furious as an EdibleDrive™️ the size of a jelly bean.

But that’s the future…

For our days and times, my philosophy is that art, like people, are here to be appreciated in all our forms. Let’s snuff out ridiculous art form snobbery by appreciating people and their creativity whatever their materials or form without the need to impose irrelevant validations upon the gift that is another human being’s unique expression presented courageously for all our benefit.

I will be in Miami from June 1 to the sixth during the bitcoin conference and would love to share his experience with you.

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See you there!

 Maxximillian