Special Online Event

Learn What Makes A Television Pitch Work at NETFLIX from the Director of Creative Talent Investment & Development for Netflix International Originals, Christopher Mack

In an effort to reach more writers and find more content, Netflix has joined forces with Stage 32 to present a FREE and invaluable workshop on what it is that they’re looking for in new shows and how you can best pitch your series to their executives. In Stage 32’s continued effort to help level the playing field for content creators worldwide, we felt it’s important that we help you get tools you need to be able to make sure that you can pitch effectively.

In this exclusive Stage 32 workshop, Christopher will delve into what exactly makes a television pitch work at Netflix. He’ll discuss the essentials you’ll need to catch Netflix’s eye and will zero in on how to write an effective pitch document. He’ll pose questions you be able to answer and communicate for your series and give you ideas on how best to communicate your show’s overview, world, tone, and characters. Christopher will then discuss how season summaries should be built and give you ideas on how to think about and present potential episodes. Finally, you will have the invaluable opportunity to ask Christopher your own questions. You will leave this presentation with the understanding of how to structure and present your series, not in theory, but directly from the source.”

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For me personally, last year was a very productive screenwriting year. If, like me, you now find you’ve got a series or two or five on your hands—as I do—this is the next stop on the screenwriter journey to seeing your series on the small screens.

Join us for this in-depth webinar with Christopher Mack, Director of Creative Talent Investment & Development for Netflix International Originals as he shares his insights on what makes a television pitch work tomorrow at 11am PT. #writingcommunity this is a gift that will pay you year after year. Definitely make this special event. Tell your screenwriter friends.

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