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When I lay my head down upon my pillow, fall asleep and dream of an otherworldly place—and realize as I’m looking around at the sights and inhabitants of this place that I am dreaming, and once I awaken from sleep, I find a way to re-create the locations I experienced… Would you say that I brought back information from another dimension? And if you looked at some images of the places I dreamed and then as you slept, in your own dreams, you visited those very places yourself..? Didn’t you just visit a place that I brought into your life from another dimension? And if we both dream of each other at the same time… In the place where I dreamt and re-created and invited you to… ?  I’m still coming up with what we could call that.

But here’s your First-Class ticket.


I am continually striving to innovate new experiences to inspire awe and playful curiosity. Throughout my lifetime of creating, each new medium becomes my favorite for a time, enriching all that I do.

Maxximillian: Dream Places

I begin from a starting point of curiosity. It’s the most dynamic way I know how to live. In creating this piece, I had a moment when I caught a glimpse of something that was jaw dropping. That was the first moment that it all felt ‘right’. I crossed the border from exploration into discovery. That jaw drop was the moment I needed. It’s the moment that I set out to create. This is just the beginning but I can feel I’m on to something fun – it’s not something people need, but it’s what the soul wants: living dream places to savor during our waking hours.

Our shared dreams are calling. They sent me with this moving postcard to deliver to you.

Designed for NFT

Dream Places was conceived and created for NFT but – as with many intentionally innovative endeavors –   additional unexpected artworks were the happy byproduct of my genesis NFT which was fascinating to create. Physical prints of my Dream Places Collection will be available soon in the Art Gallery Shop.

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Maxximillian: Dream Places

Maxximillian Genesis NFT Art: Dream Places is a collection of photographs and videos of an island I visited in my dreams. (Seriously.)

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