Ascended Serpent Limited Edition Signed and Numbered Print



Ascended Serpent X Maxximillian is a hand-drawn 1/1 NFT

After indulging in some Kundalini yoga before bed one cozy night, as I slept I dreamed that a giant golden snake moved through a large bedroom, slithered up into the bed upon which I was laying paralyzed, and coiled its many coils upon my back and did a dance, moving its head up and down in a strong pumping action. I know this snake in my dream was doing its dance to work with my energy in my multidimensional experience to assist me. Maybe even as an answer to my invitation of energy into my body – when I did the Kundalini yoga before bed.


Limited Edition Print Details

  • Dimensions: 20 X 30 inches

  • Material: Metallic Archival Paper

  • Mounting: Arrives in shipping tube, unframed


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