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Maxximillian: A Digital Creator with a Passion for Exploring the Liminal Realms of the Arts

To people less familiar with emerging technologies, she describes the works she creates as tech-infused art. She is a writer, auteur, performing and visual artist who is influenced by a wide range of sources, including dreams, other dimensions, and futurism. Her work often explores themes of self-realization, perspective, and the nature of personal reality.


Founder CTWLK XR Fashion, Futurist Motor Club, Museum of Robot Art, Museum of Crypto Fashion, SuperKind Studios, Magenta DAO, Creative Director XXIMIW3L


Editor-in-Chief, Partnerships

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The Grail:

Maxximillian has become increasingly interested in using technology like artificial intelligence, augmented reality, machine learning and spatial computing to create new art forms and ways to experience art, fashion, and music. She has created several interactive art installations that allow viewers to interact with her work in new and innovative ways that provide context and depth to art, fashion, music, and poetry thanks to the future-proof smart contracts and interface innovated by LAYERR, the tokenized art platform for fine art.

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We're thrilled to unveil the first digital fashion collection on the platform for fine art and fashion. Introducing stunning new looks by Maxximillian for CTWLK. Expect a sophisticated array of styles of juxtaposition of futurist aesthetics and nature that you won't want to miss. Step into the world of digital fashion and explore Maxximillian's unique vision for CTWLK, apparel for rebels. Visit now to stake your claim in the future of fashion!

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Haute Bots

Introducing a captivating fusion of art and technology – HAUTE BOTS by Maxximillian. Nestled within The Museum of Robot Art collection, these remarkably feminine robots embody the essence of the yin aesthetic. Inspired by the artist's own desire for representation within the realm of robots, HAUTE BOTS are a celebration of the yin and the expressions of the feminine.

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Origin Story
Maxximillian was born in Los Angeles, California. She showed an early interest in art and began drawing and painting at the same time she began modeling. In elementary school, she discovered – to her teacher’s displeasure – that she enjoyed writing stories and plays, doodling the scenes in the margins of school books in pencil. (She erased them all before handing the books in, don’t worry!) Between athletic assignations in high school, she began to explore professional acting.

The Museum of Robot Art is Maxximillian’s genesis collection of artility tokens, a NiftyKit drop. Mint your one-of-a-kind fine robot today.

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Early Career
She established her own music publishing company. She worked part-time before being hired full time at a record label where she learned – much to her advantage – the complexities of packaging talent, music marketing, public relations and the unspoken nuances of operating a music-powered enterprise. She worked at Hollywood’s most iconic recording studios, both public and private where she gained layered experience recording, engineering and producing for others, later rounding out her experience with formal courses in songwriting, music placement, and many other programs surrounding music performance, music production, intellectual property and the business of music.

She got her first Hollywood agent and began her career, appearing in commercials, films, shows and music videos.

An insightful Silicon valley executive introduced Maxximillian to the YouTube Studios ecosystem during a deep conversation on mission-driven creative projects at Huntley’s Penthouse Bar in Santa Monica one sunset evening. It only took one visit for Maxximillian to feel at home among the diverse framily of creators at YouTube Studios where she learned from the masters of monetization and community building about content creation, contest and campaign planning, how to grow an audience, ways to cultivate a healthy proactive community, and keep them engaged.

In response to an invitation extended by the founder of a renowned film festival, Maxximillian embarked on a voyage to Cape Charles, Virginia. Her mission was to share her invaluable techniques with a diverse assembly of filmmakers, including auteurs and performers hailing from around the globe. This endeavor culminated in the creation of a notably uplifting festival that year including short suspense film titled “APPLAUSE,” a cinematic gem that would later debut in the prestigious setting of The Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City.

Maxximillian’s contributions to the world of cinema extend beyond her directorial prowess. She has been a beacon for aspiring screenwriters, hosting an impressive series of workshops spanning over one hundred weekends. These workshops have been a platform for participants to engage in rich dialogues, hone their storytelling abilities, and perfect their pitch techniques. Maxximillian’s influence extends across the cinematic spectrum, encompassing feature-length films, scripted dramas, and even the realm of comedic shorts. Her dedication to the art of storytelling has left an indelible mark on the world of film, inspiring countless individuals to embark on their own creative journeys.

Maxximillian combines storytelling, technical production, and her creativity as a visual artist. She also creates and shares short films that showcase the exercises she designs to guide her creative processes. In addition, her visual art is exhibited in galleries and museums across the United States and Europe. Furthermore, she performs her written poetry at spoken word gatherings and stage events.

Maxximillian Understands

From creative principles to leverage for your own projects to more personal topics like how to navigate when you're building something that the world has never seen before, here are some of (but not all of!) my speaking topics.

Learning to say no

Maxximillian has learned to say no to projects that are not a good fit for her. This has allowed her to focus on her own work and to avoid burnout.

Finding a supportive community

Maxximillian has found a supportive community of artists and creatives who have helped her to overcome her challenges. This community has provided her with encouragement, advice, and resources.

Taking breaks

Maxximillian has learned the importance of taking breaks from her work. This allows her to recharge her batteries and to come back to her work with fresh eyes.

Finding resources

As a self-employed artist, Maxximillian has had to find ways to finance her work. This has always been a challenge, in the web3 sector today we benefit greatly by the availability of grants, but in the past it’s been by benefactor donations, and investing her own savings that she has funded her projects.

Balancing art and business skills

Maxximillian has had to learn how to balance her personal development time between mastering emerging creative technologies, making her own technological advances and developing new hard skills and advanced certifications and trainings. As time management can be a challenge, she knows how to discern which investments could have the most positive impact.

Overcoming self-doubt

Like many of the world’s best people Maxximillian has had to deal with self-doubt. As an artist she has had to consistently put her work, her biography, and her personal stories in the skybox for the world to explore and comment upon. She has had to learn how to value herself and her work, independently of the evaluations of others.

Augmented Reality

Thoughtful engineering of an augmented reality artwork makes it come to life in a way that is unforgettable. Here we demo breakdowns of potential works for augmented reality activation and I take the audience through the planning and process of conceiving, cultivating, collaging and activating and augmented reality artwork.

Artificial Intelligence

Creative use-cases for artificial intelligence, an interactive keynote inspired by audience engagement where I demonstrate, like a magician, an AI gamessaver or party trick to delight each contestant—er, ah... each audience member. I jest, but this is a life-changing segment.

  • Songwriting With AI
  • Character Development With AI
  • Snappy Dialogue With AI
  • Healing Rifts With AI
  • Collage With AI

Blockchain Protocols

Where we discuss helpful and easy to use protocols that enable us to create complex experiences to add depth and value to our projects.

Bots of the Finest Quality

All the Bots

Explore the various styles of robots nestled within the decentralized Museum of Robot Art collection by Maxximillian.eth

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Explore short and long reads, entertainment and creative technology deep dives from Maxximillian.eth

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