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Choose your CTWLK XR MotoSport Jacket

Step 1: Join the CTWLK Community

To get started, make sure you’re a member of the CTWLK community. If you haven’t joined yet, visit the CTWLK community leaderboard today to begin your eligibility quests, claim your handle in less than 3 minutes plus earn some XP.

Connect to CTWLK Community HubBegin Eligibility Quests

Step 2: Complete Simple Quests

Before you can sign the community jackets, we invite you to complete a few simple quests. These quests are designed to help you get acquainted with our brand and the community. They include quests like:

  • Follow CTWLK on Social Media: Show your support by following the CTWLK brand on social media platforms.
  • Comment on the Latest CTWLK Videos: Watch the creator video series from CTWLK. Subscribe on YouTube and smash the bell to be notified when there’s a new video post of the jackets and accessories being designed, including product development updates, process videos, and creator breakdowns. Extremely valuable for creators. Interesting for everyone. Leave a comment on social media to let us know your ideas and impressions then visit our CTWLK leaderboard to complete your quest.

Completing these quests will not only introduce you to the good-to-know details of the CTWLK digital fashion community drop mechanics, but also makes you eligible to contribute your signature to the community jackets which are only available to the most meaningfully engaged members of the CTWLK community.

Step 3: Sign the CTWLK Community Jackets

Each quest awards your victory with XP for achieving completion. For the main event we’re recreating our iconic motorsport jackets in 3D as augmented reality and virtual reality wearables, and we want your signature to be a part of our unique community collection of club members only jackets.

Your signature will be placed on the exterior of the jacket, giving it the look as if it has been personally signed by all the self-proclaimed members of the CTWLK community. This is your opportunity to make your mark in the digital fashion world.

How do I sign a jacket?

FAQ & A About these jackets

CTWLK MotoSport collection looks are available for purchase. Some but not all CTWLK fashion drops are community editions. Tiny editions and time-limited editions are popular at CTWLK. Token holders may request a bespoke consultation.

The CTWLK jackets are not free BUT if you’re an active community member who added to the richness of the CTWLK community jacket design with the contribution of your unique signature or doodle, I’d like you to be able to claim a CTWLK community edition jacket for as close to free as possible.

Collectors Edition Holographic frames (desktop size) are available for token holders with XP eligibility. Permanently treated digital frames that display a single static or animated work of art with or without sound, available to all token holders of non fungible and fungible digital token. All token holders are entitled to one (1)  print on any item for personal use.

CTWLK digital fashion tokens are transferable. Collecting multiples is encouraged. Think of CTWLK fashion tokens as fashion gifts of the items they represent that you can gift to frens. Considerate gift giving and thoughtful gift receiving are two of the highest pleasures in life.

Each design that is still mintable is an on-ramp to a one-of-ak-kind bespoke fashion. CTWLK community members can become eligible for a bespoke consultation, eligible CTWLK community members are invited to book an appointment to begin their bespoke consultation.

Designing high quality digital fashion designs using the method I’m exploring now is a lot like designing in traditional fashion. I have to gather the materials, plan the design, conceive, sketch, cut and sew the pattern, make the sewn design fit ‘right’, add details and hardware like snaps and zippers and decorative elements—but that’s not all. I then put on my photographer’s beret, get out my 3D cameras and stage lights to create a scene and light it and position the models, after I choose or create them. There are many steps that for brevity, I’ve left out. There is no one-click automation for 2D to 3D button for creating high quality fashion designs with fashion utility (yet)!

CTWLK and Maxximillian are proud to partner with these innovative brands to bring you this unique technology-infused collaborative art experience.

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