XXIMI Web3 Art Labs is honored to explore the theme: HEALING with NFT Photographer Fiona Aboud and NFT Artist-Web3 Founder Maxximillian sponsored by NOWHERE Metaverse.

“Brazilian-American artist Fiona Aboud lives and works in East Harlem, NY. She creates images that help us envision more nurturing relationships with others and ourselves. Aboud’s humanistic style addresses economic empowerment, identity, human rights, and racism. In addition to her artistic practice, her mission is to empower artists worldwide in the web3 space to develop financial inclusion that has not been possible in the traditional art market.

Her project for Sports Illustrated on Amputee Soccer players in Sierra Leone in 2007 inspired the documentary “The Flying Stars.” The film and sale of her prints has raised thousands of dollars for job training and community support for Amputees in Sierra Leone.

Aboud’s work has been published in Time Magazine, Sports Illustrated, The New York Times, New York Magazine and has been exhibited in both the US and Europe. She is collected by organizations such as Microsoft and the Museum of Modern Art in Rio.

During the pandemic, she refined a method of combining portraits using both a digital and physical process. The images are blended into a textured, tactile physical plate that accentuates the materiality of the photographic object. The more the viewer’s eyes parse these images, the more the portraits fuse into a new idea.”

We are honored to share space with Fiona as she speaks about her selected photographic works in the drippiest metaverse we’ve ever seen with time for Q & A after all art has been presented, followed by an open mic opportunity to riff on our favorite topics: blockchains, NFTs and Web3.

April 30, 2022

You’re invited!

1pm Pacific Time- Instagram LIVE with Fiona Aboud, Maxximillian, and YOU!

1:30pm Pacific Time – XXIMI Labs New Moon NFT Art Talk with Fiona Aboud, and Maxximillian and you—all of us, NOWHERE.

Metaverse experiences are live real-time experiences, and we want you to be a part of the conversation, however if you must be elsewhere at the time of our metaverse exhibition, visit XXIMI Labs New Moon Exhibition anyway and check out the art. Each artwork is itself a portal into its story. Click the images and details will appear with a link to go further by watching a recording of the earlier broadcast, or that offers you a further invitation to an event or… deeper into the metaverse.


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We hope you'll also enjoy A mesmerizing musical star portal performance designed to delight you with healing frequencies from your metaverse host, NFT Artist XXIMI Web3 Art Labs Founder Maxximillian.eth.

Musical Star Portals is an audio visual NFT series designed to delight the mind and elevate any mood. Musical Star Portals each have as their beginnings a real life starry night sky which Maxximillian then uses animation and video special effects to direct the motion of these stars into magnificent portals that come into and through the visual experience in sync with the sweeping strings of modern classical music and the huge cinematic build-ups of movie scores, the musical compositions of Maxximillian.eth—that’s me!—swirl around the listener in a sonic experience that can be felt as if the frequencies themselves caress the listener before transcending into an unknown vapor, to reform again in another time and space as you, and me, or as another iteration of stars.


Musical Star Portals NFT Collection drops soon with community appreciation mints available to holders of XXIMI POAPs collected by attending Maxximillian’s metaverse events, listening for clues on the NFT Cakes podcast and by watching the video highlights. Someone is going to win, why not you?

Musical Star Portals is an NFT Collection of 8 mesmerizing audio visual performances—musical compositions, frequencies and aural environments that elevate the Collector into higher and higher resonances with sound, the space we call time, light—and the absence of thereof. Each Collector receives each of the airdrops in succession as they drop. For audiophiles, there’s a limited edition Musical Star Portals mint which includes the sheet music and a special 360º surround sound mix for Collectors who enjoy a 360º sound experience in the studio or at home. Appreciators of Augmented Reality (AR) may want the mint that includes airdrops for the 8 Musical Star Portals as individual accompanying personal dome experiences to enjoy with your favorite AR goggles. In-person dome performances of the entire Collection in immersive 360º dome shared  experiences in California, Colorado, London and New York are on the roadmap; with special collaborative performances activated as community targets are achieved. Join the mailing list above to be notified when the whitelist opens.