Lucid dreaming makes all of life more rich.

Distilled from literally ancient times into my personal experience and concisely shared here from me to you, think of this first part of our time together like a survey of the map of an exciting adventure tour.


Identify and neutralize (non physical and environmental) obstacles to restful sleep.


Prepare your sleep space to facilitate dream recall upon waking with notebook and pen at hand.


Prime yourself to dream with bedtime rituals and bedtime routines to delight you.


Identify and neutralize potential existential objections to deliberate conscious dreaming.


Choose your next dreamscape mission.

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NFT Artist Maxximillian

By the way, I hope you’ve had a chance to apply my diamond focus technique—the 1-minute exercise that makes learning any new skill or adopting any new habit faster and easier. Curious? Ask me about it next time you see me on Clubhouse.

Take a deep breath, and mentally prepare your mind to consider new possibilities.

Remember as you take in this material that there is such a thing as entanglement; abilities that may have been challenging to grasp in the past may be easier for you now than ever before. Be ready to be amazed and impressed with yourself. You may surprise yourself with your newly discovered enhanced abilities. I’m telling you now so that when it happens, you will expect it. Your dream experiences are real experiences. Every moment you invest in reading about dream experiences and writing your own dream experiences you increase the likeliness and ease of frequent deliberate conscious dreaming success.

You’re on your way to initiating your most exciting and deeply fulfilling adventures. Deliberate conscious dreaming is an ability innate to all humans being regardless of age, intelligence, or education.

Dream recall is the first step to becoming aware in your dreams that you’re dreaming. Just the act of recalling your dreams can give you an edge in waking life by drawing your attention to something which you may have – had it not been for your dream – neglected your notice. 

Your dreams are valuable for yourself and can also be of great value to others—but no one can benefit from your dreams if you are unable to recall them upon waking.

When we go through life not remembering our dreams, we forfeit the many treasures of our living inheritance that exist in The Dreaming: high quality information, soul-nourishing adventures, and self-knowledge which is our birthright.

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Dreamers at the Breakfast Table Etiquette

Highly recommended is a book called Dream Gates from beloved author Robert Moss wherein he demonstrates how to share dream insights for maximum impact. But if you just can't wait to find out, pull me aside on Clubhouse, I'll be happy to share with you the few simple guidelines to helpfully and respectfully sharing, receiving and working with our dreams together.

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