The Museum of Robot Art

One-of-a-kind whimsical robots by Maxximillian.eth

+ Instant Reveal
+ Dynamic metadata
+ Stored on IPFS
+ Token Gated Content
+ Infinite Objects Enabled
+ ERC-721A

Inspired by the recognition that humans are robot ancestors.

The Museum of Robot Art

Verify The Museum of Robot Art NFT Collection of digital collectibles on Etherscan with a tap of the title above. The token ID is 0x4244C6e4D69C32d34BA8cd91daF18FbF5C1744B1 also known as ALL THE BOT$ ($BOTS).

Audited Smart Contracts:

NiftyKit uses audited smart contracts to ensure the integrity and security of your NFTs, protecting you and your collectors from fraud or theft.


Storing an NFT artwork on IPFS offers increased security, as the artwork is stored on a decentralized network that is resistant to censorship and tampering. Finally, IPFS ensures that the artwork can be stored indefinitely, without fear of it being lost or deleted, thereby protecting the collector's investment for the long term.

Infinite Objects Enabled

Infinite Objects is a digital frame that allows collectors to display their NFTs in a physical form. Unlike traditional frames that display static images, Infinite Objects continuously plays back the NFT in a loop, creating a mesmerizing and immersive experience. This innovative product combines the digital and physical realms, offering a futuristic and unique way to experience NFTs that enhances their collectability and value.

Ground-breaking Sovereign Artist Smart Contracts

NiftyKit's platform offers some of the lowest fees in the market, allowing you to maximize your profits. Dynamic metadata and ground-breaking developments mean you get to enjoy the most up-to-date protocols for security, aesthetics and utility.

Artist Community Presence

Follow @Maxximillian on Twitter and join my events to make new connections in a thriving and supportive community of artists, collectors, and enthusiasts, offering us valuable networking opportunities and the chance to learn from each other.

Collectors Editions

Enjoy access to collectors editions, and special community opportunities as a $BOTS holder. Holding multiples activates exponential rewards. All The Bots NFT ownership offers an unprecedented level of verified authenticity and provenance, thereby establishing a global economy for digital art.