Daily Affirmations = Quantum Leaps With Minimal Effort

I know you. You want every aspect of your life to improve all at the same time. You can totally achieve that by making affirmations a daily habit.

The good news is this: it is with our commitment to self-fulfillment (not great effort) that we can reprogram our responses to people, life situations, and triggers to be effortlessly more in alignment with who it is we aspire to be by reprogramming our habitual responses with a consistent daily practice of Affirmations. A consistent affirmations practice can look like magic. Even better: the effects of listening to affirmation are enhanced when coupled with a bipedal activity like walking or running. And here’s the juiciest bit: Many people report benefits of allowing affirmations to play softly as they sleep. (I’m one of those people.)

Bruce H. Lipton PhD and Dr. Candace Pert have released books so fascinating I literally couldn’t put them down on the science of deliberately reprogramming yourself to make new better responses your habit and author James Clear shares the easiest most effective practices to integrate new habits into your current lifestyle to support you in living your best life.


Low-risk Cost-Free Alternatives to Traditional Solutions

Affirmative Audio Volume 1 is a minimal lofi track designed for maximum impact with minimal atmospheric sounds. The affirmations spoken are composed in a way guaranteed to bring about radical positive change in your life in a way that is harmonious and satisfying to you.


When is the best time to listen to Affirmative Audio recordings?

I like to play these affirmations when I start out on my morning walks, and as I fall asleep. I use the Looping function of my audio player app to continuously repeat the Affirmative Audio recording. The audio recording is completely natural and dry. There’s no branding or any music or sound effects on the recording. I did this to make this unobtrusive audio recording suitable for sleep.

For details on how to get the most benefit from this recording, including the free mobile applications I recommend to take your affirmations and lifestyle to the next level as you snooze, request my Affirmative Audio Introduction Video for some helpful tips on how to use affirmations in general, how to write effective affirmations, and related resources that have given me personally much value.