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A futuristic rose gold car, the Lana Solarcharger from Maxximillian's ILLI MOTORS Collection, is parked in front of a subcityscape. Its distinctive tail fin is visible from the rear of the vehicle.

Experience the Future of Extreme Luxury: ILLI MOTORS by Maxximillian - A Collection of Fantastical CarsPresented byThe Museum ofRobot Art

Through the creation of fantastical machines and surreal landscapes, we have the opportunity to introduce a new world, one of endless possibility and imagination. With the art of storytelling and aesthetics, we can bring this world to life and invite others to join us on this journey of exploration and wonder. As we immerse ourselves in this new reality, we may find that our perspectives shift and expand, revealing new insights and understandings about ourselves and the world around us. Let us embrace the power of fantasy motor engineering, surreal landscapes, storytelling, and aesthetics to unlock a new realm of creativity and possibility.

Small Edition Collectible Exotics

Design is itself a form of storytelling

In observing the aesthetics of objects, we can learn about the values and beliefs of a culture. By contemplating the speculative design choices of the future, we can gain insight into how we might shape our world for generations to come.

ILLI MOTORS lowride track system models

ILLI MOTORS lowride track system

Introducing the ultimate in automotive fantasy engineering

The ILLI Motors lowride track system™. This cutting-edge technology features a continuous loop of premium-grade metal or rubber tracks, driven by a series of precision-engineered wheels and sprockets nestled seamlessly within the vehicle’s undercarriage.

What sets the ILLI Motors track system apart is its intelligent design. With advanced sensors that detect when it would be more efficient to switch to track mode, the tires seamlessly retract, and the vehicle’s body suspends as the track system takes over. And, for those times when you want to experience the ultimate thrill ride, you can activate the track system with a simple voice command.

But the true beauty of the ILLI Motors lowride track system lies in its ability to provide superior traction in even the most challenging terrain. By distributing the vehicle’s weight over a larger surface area, our track system reduces pressure on the ground and provides unparalleled stability and control on soft, uneven, or rough surfaces.

For the ultimate get-away experience, trust ILLI Motors signature lowride track system.