Front-facing NFT Marketplace for Sovereign Artists Is Coming

Artists minting NFTs on our own sovereign smart contracts are fast becoming the standard in high value NFTs but without our own sovereign front-facing storefront, we are not truly sovereign.

NFT Drops

Introducing Sovereign ERC-1155 Smart Contract XXIMI

Sovereign NFT artist smart contracts are fast becoming the standard in high value NFTs. Maxximillian NFTs going forward will be minted on sovereign ERC-1155 smart contracts.

WEB3 Hot Tea

The OpenSea NFT Armageddon

If you haven't heard the rumors, let me spill the tea. OpenSea has announced that items minted before February 18th need to be migrated by the 25th of the same month - this February 2022, amid other changes strengthening the resolve of leading-edge NFT artists to find a sovereign solution.


MIAMI HACK WEEK was a vibe

MIAMI HACK WEEK was a great success. It was great to see the enthusiasm for the Web3 space backed up by the physical presence of friendly, helpful, approachable VCs engaging us in panels and individually at events all week long, in addition to generous cryptocurrency and cash bounties on offer.

Thanks to all the sponsors with a fist bump to SONR and PIXELS who generously hosted me as a resident hacker in the SONR Villa during my stay as a hacker during Miami Hack Week where we hacked, networked, played together in a mansion during a week of hacking with hundreds of other degens buidling dApps in Miami Beach, Florida, USA.

Psychedelic Fine Art NFT Collection

Poetry NFT Collection

Decoding messages from our Universe, one cipher at a time. Step right up and you'll be served a cipher!

NFT P2E Metaverse Collection

SuperKind Metaverse

Sleek solar luxe metaverse experiences for daytime explorations and neon punk degen underworlds to play in at night, or maybe it is daylight above ground, it's hard to tell with no windows.

Explore the world of SuperKind

Fable = art plus metaverse utility

Portraits of stories from otherworldly dimensions. Utopia or Dystopia? You decide.

Experience the dark cozy world of FABLECOLLECT THE 12 LEGACY FABLES

Detailed story and character illustrations emerge from channeled messages in meditative doodles
from this unique collection of rare MOTO POPZ solo editions

Get first dibs on these rare editions of 1

Put on your inner space suit

STAR PORTALS 432 Hz Music NFT Collection of musical light beings is designed with your mental, physical, energetic and aural delight in mind

Experience A Red Star PortalAbout Star PortalsCollect Star Portal NFTs
NFT Dream Collection

Dream Places

Dream Places is perhaps my most dynamic NFT Collection of all because it ls based on and derives from my spontaneous nighttime, and deliberate conscious dreaming experiences.

My most favorite author on the topic of dreams, Robert Moss has convinced me that the most valuable book on dreaming I can ever read is my own dreamers journal. It’s been my additional discovery that my attention to this powerful ancient tool—the dreamer’s journal—produces results as dynamic as the landscapes described therein.

Phygital Fine Art NFT Collection

FRAMED! NFT Collection

Museum quality archival prints on earth-friendly materials like hemp and bamboo are perfect 4D companions to these iconic NFTs

Introducing ERC-1155 XXIMI

Minting soon on Maxximillian's own sovereign artist custom smart contract ERC-1155 XXMI