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Screenwriter Sundays are a live real-time online interactive creative workshop series designed to fortify your screenwriting process and optimize your progress.


You’ll receive an event reminder from me via email in the days leading up to the workshop. 

As a bonus you’ll also receive helpful articles, podcasts, and links from me to support and encourage you along your screenwriter journey. I promise to only send you content that provides real value directly related to screenwriting/the business of screenwriting, and methods of optimizing your own creative process that have provided real value to me personally.

If you’re new to Screenwriter Sundays (or if it’s been a while since you’ve attended) It is extremely important that you read our Screenwriter Sunday onboarding emails. We are an established screenwriters group with established etiquette and agreements. When you show up, you’re responsible to know our (very few but inalienable) agreements to ensure a positive experience for us all.

We Take Care: These meetings are private, not broadcast, and not published anywhere. This is our creative space. It is sacred and not open to the public, so do not post or share the links I send you to join the live stream when we start—it is unique to you, and meant only for you.

If you know someone or are someone who would benefit from joining our screenwriters mastermind group, send them or yourself to this url. Information and a link to request an invitation to join will be forthcoming.



On the day of the meeting, here’s how you’ll get in: I’ll send you an email with the link to join the workshop 10 minutes before the live stream gateway opens so make sure to whitelist my email address today to ensure that the live stream emails with your unique link to join the meeting are always delivered; if you neglect this step, your secret link may end up in your spam folder. Tragic.



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Connect with me on Instagram. I’m @imaxximillian on IG. Consider allowing notifications from me so you will know when I go live. I’ve got some guests lined up for Live Q & A that I know you won’t want to miss! And if you want to drop me a line, send me a DM on Instagram for a faster response than email.

You can also find me on twitter as @maxximillian

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